Lets look at some data.

The screen below shows the most vaccinated (over 50%) and least vaccinated (less than 4%) countries ordered by deaths per million. ALL of those at the bottom, except Japan, Singapore & South Korea, are countries in the least vaccinated category (less than 4%). Do you still buy the lie pushed by MSM & MS social media that Natural Immunity (and Natural Herd Immunity) do not work? With very little of the population vaccinated in these countries, how else could they achieve such low death rates?

Do these "vaccines" help reduce deaths or just make things worse? And why are more people not talking about the fact that there are more U.S. Covid deaths in 2021 (with vaccines) than 2020? Are more and more shots and boosters going to get us out of this mess? Or is early treatment, with the various protocols many doctors are using, and Natural Immunity the answer?

Is the Immune escape caused by the vaccines, that Geert Vanden Bossche has been warning the world about since March of 2021 playing out? We are certainly seeing multiple highly infectious variants as he predicted...

Covid death rates of least vaccinated and most vaccinated conutries

Note: In Japan, Tokyo Medical Association Charmin, Haruo Ozaki, recently recommended the off-label use of Ivermectin, which likely helped reduced deaths there.

You can try this yourself. The link below (to ourworldindata.org) takes you to the countries selected from those with the most and least vaxxed populations. Mouse over the graph to see the numbers. You can add/remove countries on the left to do your own research/evaluation.
Countries sorted by deaths per million

To select countries, open the link below in a separate tab, click the second column to sort by current vaccinated rates.
Table of share of people vaccinated per country

This quote was posted somewhere recently, it certainly seems to apply today!
"All it takes for evil to flourish is for a few good men to be a little wrong and have a great deal of power, and for the vast majority of their fellow citizens to remain indifferent." - William Sloane Coffin

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