Doctors Beating Covid-19

A resource for various protocols doctors are using to beat Covid.

There are multiple treatment protocols doctors are using that are not getting mainstream exposure. They are being suppressed & censored in favor of the vaccines, even though they don't stop the spread or keep you from getting it. And no one knows what issues they might cause years down the road.

You can implement many of these on your own. If your doctor, hospital/clinic or medical professional says there is nothing you can do, you can ask them to consider these options or seek out other opinions.

Update The researchers and scientists known as @CovidAnalysis, have run meta analysis on 63 Ivermectin studies. Their conclusion, the probability that it is NOT effective, is essentially 1 in a trillion. Ivermectin works!

  • As a preventive AND if you get it, Boost the immune system with dietary supplements (like vitamins A, C, D, iodine, zinc), sunshine, a healthy diet and exercise.

  • See, an international letter of 200+ signatures (professors, doctors and PhDs) backing the use of Vitamin D. Dr. John Campbell reviews a study showing it is not only effective to prevent Covid, but it's also effective as a treatment.

  • Use nebulized hydrogen peroxide as soon as symptoms appear. (Dr. Frank Shallenberger, Dr. Thomas Levy, Dr. Mercola & Dr. Brownstein discussion).

  • High does oral Vitamin C up to 1,000 mg every hour. (Dr. Brownstein study).

  • A hospital protocol called MATH+ developed by a group of critical care doctors called the "Front Line Covid-19 Critical Care Alliance" (FLCCC). Their protocol includes ascorbic acid IV, vitamin D & Zinc.

  • Ivermectin, reported by the FLCCC Aliance is demonstrating efficacy as a Prophylaxis and Treatment of COVID-19. Doctor Pierre Kory of the FLCCC pleads for a review of data during a COVID-19 Senate hearing. Not Using Ivermectin at this point, is Unethical and Immoral.

  • Also using Vitamin C IV reported by Doctors worldwide has shown success. (Dr. Brownstein study, article in Infectious Disease Special Edition quarterly, China study reported by Dr. Richard Cheng).

  • Doctors are having success with Medical Ozone. (Dr. Brownstein study, a Hospital in Madrid Spain, a narrative review on Pub Med, the IDSE quarterly article above and this report on Covid Ozone Therapy Successes).

  • The use of hydroxychloroquine + zinc has been widely debated. Much research indicates it works if used early and with zinc, as shown in the The mainstream info out there tryng to discredit it, are not examples of that specific use, as explained in the Newsweek article by Dr. Risch.

  • A treatment using nebulized/inhaled Budesonide, discovered by Dr. Richard Bartlett. Visit

The Dr Brownstein study was 107 cases all cured, no deaths! For the hospital in Spain they cleared the whole Covid floor in 10 days using ozonized saline solution. No deaths! Studies suporting the success of Ivermectin are growing by the day. We feel that only using these experimental vaccines and doing nothing else, is an incomplete strategy. Other viruses for thousands of years have been handled via our natural immune systems. That's what will untimately beat Covid, with or without a vaccine. Bill Maher has an excellent & funny take on that here.

Please share and forward this to others. Wishing everyone happiness and good health!


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